FRINGE (2008 – 2013)


Creator: Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci

Cast: Anna Torv, Joshua Jackson, Jasika Nicole 

An FBI agent teams up with a mad scientist who has been institutionalize  was performing experiments on the fringe of real science. He calls on his son to investigate weird crime and un explained phenomenons that might be connected to a company called Massive Dynamics.

If you could not get enough of the X-Files well take a look at Fringe. it has been rewritten. It is mix of horror, conspiracies, and science fiction. Fringe pays homage at the movie Altered Sates with drug induced hallucinations in an immersion tank. Olivia the female FBI agent investigate that involves mass destruction weapons She pursue strange leads and cuts the red tape. The character were carefully laid out Olivia Dunham,is  a former investigator for the marines. She is nice and delicate she has emotions and he hair is messy when she gets home after work with fatigue. Dr. Walter Bishop, played by John Noble, has a lab thanks to the FBI at the university, a genius scientist capable of making the seemingly impossible actually possible, he has also spent the previous seventeen years isolated in a mental institution after an accident caused the death of a  female assistant.  They give him resources and what ever he wanted and called it fringe science. He has a son named peter. Together with bishop and Olivia they solved crime of the unexplained. Peter has anger issues toward his father and his father since he has been incarcerated for 17 years is mind is fragile. Later on there is a series of unnatural occurrences. And they go from there. Cool little series who lasted 5 years. Not long enough for me 7 would be nice.




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