CHIPS (1977 – 1983)


Creator: Rick Rosner

Cast: Erik Estrada, Larry Wilcox, Robert Pine

Here is one for you Chips one of the most beloved series in the 70’s. This is the adventures of Poncho ( Erik Estrada) and Jon ( Larry Wilcox) who are motorcycle cops and patrol the highway looking for crime and infractions. Sure they were highway car chases every week. cool stunts at the time. and beautiful women from time to time. What I like about those series in the 70’s is when you’re watch them again you can see what the clothes people are wearing and what was the cars back then. It is like you have step into a time machine. it is pretty basic 2 cops buddies goes on Patrol and catch bad guys at the end of their shift Jon dates a nice girl while poncho the bad boy goes out with a different on each night. After the show ended Larry Wilcox had a computer business going while Erik Estrada couldn’t shake off the bad boy image , so as an American puerto rican had to learn spanish, moved to Mexico where he could continue as an actor and had a great career. Also Robert Pine is the only actor to appear in every episode he played Poncho and Jon’s boss. I loved that guy he was tough on them both and he took the job seriously Robert went on to do moves and he his still acting today.


Chips 1


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