MC CLOUD (1970 – 1977)


Creators: Herman Miller

Cast: Dennis Weaver, J.D. Cannon, Terry Carter 

Deputy Marshal Sam McCloud (Dennis Weaverl) leaves behind his hometown of Taos, New Mexico to learn the art of crime with new technique on the streets of New York City. Under the direction of  Police Chief Peter B. Clifford (J.D. Cannon), McCloud brings his blunt, uncomplicated investigation techniques to all  of the cases, from murder beats and fraud stings. Just the first episode McCloud arrives in New York with a criminal witness, who is quickly kidnapped by a street gang. As he tries to track down the missing man, he becomes involved in a mystery involving a beauty pageant a shady Wall Street lawyer.

Great series I remember to see this one on the rerun when I first got to the U.S. in Late 70’s. loved it. My best friend and I used to watched all the time. Back then this was the coolest series and 7 years running. Great choice to put Dennis Weaver in it. I love the dude he was the coolest back then. this series was focus on action, and police procedure. The series had a 2 hour pilot movie it did set up the series well that was well written as I recall. You can find it on DVD or on Netflix. It was like western style in New York. New york cop has new way of doing things but McCloud was solving crime the old fashion way; Those were the good old days. If you get a chance to see it do so.




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