ripper street

Creator: Richard Warlow 

Cast: Matthew Macfadyen, Jerome Flynn, Adam Rothenberg 

In east end London in 1889 Jack the Ripper decides to make a name for himself as it turned out everybody is in uproar and panic sets in. The H. division police is in charged to keep the peace in the district and attempt to solve anther crimes as well. The team consist of Reid (Matthew McFayden), and tough guy Sgt. Drake (Jerome Flynn). They’re often joined by Jackson (Adam Rothenberg) an American surgeon, who helps out with autopsies and with his connections in the city’s criminal underworld.

Here is a british series that kicks ass. This is well done. Here is why now you have jack the Ripper who kills prostitutes and it doe not over shadow the series. You see the police is trying to find the killer but has other crimes to solve. So they are on the trail of Jack when he commit the murder and follows the trail but it gets cold plus the fact that they have to solved other murders. The cool thing about you will see how they solve the murders. Jackson who is an American surgeon uses the tools that they were using back in the day. Macfadyen carries the show nicely he is tough and determine to keep the peace. We sense that Reid has a tense relationship with his wife, Drakes is lonely is opinionated is the tougher one of the bunch you can tell his history on his face. Jackson in the other hand has a past and has more fun than the others he frequent prostitutes and get to hang out with criminals and drinks too much at times and that is a dangerous combination.The brothel madame shares in Jackson’s mysterious past, she is tough as they come.Clive Russell  appears a few times as Inspector Abberline, the real-life detective who pursued Jack the Ripper, showing how much the Ripper case devastated him. There you have it I have it in my collection on DVD. Do not miss this one.

Ripper Street



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