ONCE UPON A TIME (2011 – )

once upon a time

Creators: Edwrda Kitsis, Adam Horowitz.

Cast: Jennifer Morrison, Ginnifer Goodwin, Lana Parrilla

Jennifer Morrison (Emma) swan a loner who on her birthday is visited by her son Henry (Jared Gilmore) whom she had given up for adoption a decade ago. While trying to get him home ,Henry tries to convince her that she is a part of the “Fairy Tale” world. She has a hard time in swallowing that one but she is determined to get this kid to her mother. After meeting his teacher Mary (Ginnifer Goodwin) she can see that the love is nit there and that Henry is looking for love and attention. There is a series of flashback  what happen in the fairy tale world and you come back to today ‘s world where the kid says every body in town is a fairy tale character and they don’t even know it. Emma decided to stay in town to see what gives with the kid and do a little investigation herself.

Here is a cool little series where the writers like I say used theirs imagination and put together as I call it a modern fairy tale. A curse as fallen on the town that makes everybody forget who they were really. Emma carries a lot of anger toward her parents hand has not time for kids. Of course Henry lives in Maine Storybook A long time ago the evil stepmother of snow white has cast a cursed on the young couple forever she casts a spell to end all spells, trapping herself and her kind in  21st century town of Storybrooke, Maine. Everyone — creatures, dwarves, fairies, talking crickets and ex-marionettes, and they don’t even know who they were before they have no memory of it even the evil queen herself. She is the power hungry mayor  of the town. Mary Margaret Blanchard was snow white is now the teacher.The Hunstman (Jamie Dornan) is  Storybrooke lawman Sheriff Graham.Tiny Jiminy Cricket (Raphael Sbarge) is the  psychotherapist Archie Hopper and so on you get the point. Snow white at the time was pregnant before that the queen thrown the spell. Without knowing it the queen has adopted it. Emma was pregnant at one time and gave the kid fore adoption, now the kid tell her about the story of the town and the evil queen that is his mother now. He has this book that tell him the story of snow white. He his trying to convince Emma that in his town nobody seems who they are and don’t even know it for Emma that is too much too swallow. The story goes from there. Nice series and it is going to be addictive for some of you.

Josh Dallas as Prince Charming on Once Upon A Time S01E06 3

Once Upon a Time


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