mob squad

Creator: Buddy Ruskin

Cast: Michael Cole, Clarence Williams III, Peggy Lipton

The Mob Squad  looked at three youthful punks busted by the cops, and recruited into the police force. Pete Cochran (Michael Cole) was a Beverly Hills rich kid whose parents, fed up with his shity attitude, kicked him out of the door. Lincoln Hayes (Clarence Williams III), an African-American born and bred in the ghetto, was on poised off black guy, driven, distrustful an up to no good. And former San Franciscan Julie Barnes, was a beautiful, sensitive blonde hippie child who has a hard past (her mother was a prostitute) created a tough inner skin.When the three  criminals are busted by Captain Adam Greer (Tige Andrews), the hard-assed but sympathetic  cop offered a job working with the police, rather than going to jail. This was at the time a unique show never been done like that before it is the Hollywood machine solve the crime in every episode. The clothe back then was cool now days you look at it and you go that ‘s what we were wearing back in the day Oh my god!!!! For those who are young if you see this series you would see how the cars, the fashion, and the show were at the time as well as the city they shot the series. I saw it on the rerun back in the late 70’s and I loved it. Not too bad for a series targeted for the young people back then. I loved Peggy lipton to death she was one beautiful woman back then still is to this day. 

mob squad


mob squad


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