Bletchley circle

Stars: Rachael Stirling, Julie Graham, Sophie Rundle

4 brilliant women  work in the code breaking center and becomes  friends. Each one of them has a great talent. Actually one of them decode an important nazi message that will save a lot of lives. Each on has a great talent Millie (Rachael Stirling), memory master, Lucy (Sophie Rundle), and team leader Jean (Julie Graham) joined by the puzzle beaker Susan (Anna Maxwell Martin). In 1952, Susan lives a mechanical life as a housewife, caring for her two young children and wounded from the war  husband Timothy (Mark Dexter). After her husband goes to work Susan secretly keeps track of news reports concerning a serial killer working his way around town, killing young women. she figures out what his the killer next moves with the help of her husband who knows the chief of police at Scotland Yard she tells him what she has discover only to find out that she is not on the right track. She then decides to work on the case herself, calling in Millie, Lucy, and Jean to help bring down the killer to ignite their skills as an investigative unit.

Here is a great series who does not waste time in telling the story. Trust me when I say it is addictive big time, as well as well written, filmed beautifully well with soft light, and add to that talented actresses and actors. It is not you typical hollywood blockbuster series thank god for that. There is only 3 episodes but I think there is 4 new ones that is coming out soon but I am not sure yet. You see those are women who are determined to find the killer, they play ordinary women, everyday women from back in the day with their own set of fear. After the war Suzan fells the need to feel useful again she is not your ordinary person that what her friends say of her. She is brilliant at solving puzzle. In the other hand they have Millie who has a photographic memory, see at the time there were not copy machine so the could go town office or library and photocopy what they needed instead they have millie who has a photographic memory and that is becoming handy. The writing is center on character development as well on the steps of the investigation on how they are going to catch the killer. Everyone loves a great murder mystery you can’t go wrong with this one. Here is the thing I just find out there is a second series was broadcast in 2014 there will not be a third, it was not renewed.





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