WHITECHAPEL (2009 – 2012 )


Cast: Rupert Penry-Jones, Philip Davis, Steve Pemberton 

Joseph Chandler, Detective Inspector on the London police force who has a high-profile career ahead of him, is appointed head of the detective division in Whitechapel. His work soon conflict with the man at his station that is under his command. His first investigation is a body of a woman who is slaughtered. Later on Chandler is approached by Edward Buchan, a Ripperologist who has published a book on the Jack the Ripper murders and runs a tour of the sites where the killings happened. Buchan claims that the body was found at one of the Ripper murder sites and  is identical to the first Ripper victim. Later on when Chandler investigate more into it he is convinced that Buchan is right. He goes on a limp and tells his theory to the guys and gets ridicule. But when an other body turns up on the same date and killed the same way that the Ripper did his man begins to listen to him an even has their respect.

Here is a cool series in today time in whitechapel. There is the one before that I reviewed call the ripper street that takes places in Whitechapel in the 1800’s. The second season has more episode the first one has only 3 episodes. So you have a dude who thinks he can emulate Jack the ripper and getting away with it. Chandler won’t have it id he can help it. at first he wants his men to look professional and wear ties and clean the place upon the top of it he wants them to take a shower because it smell in her. He obsessed with cleanness and eating healthy. Also it is a big shoes to fill to do a series in the modern world about Jack the Ripper a number of books has been written about it. There is speculation who is The Ripper also. Whitechapel is  a fascinating modern interpretation. It could be a fresh new way to look at it. The story set ups characters conflict. There are some great performances in this one. I will say no more. this is a must see.






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