HOUSE OF CARDS (2013 – )

house of card

Stars: Kevin Spacey, Michael Gill, Robin Wright

Francis Underwood (Kevin Spacey) is the majority Whip for the Democratic Party in Congress,  his job is to ensure that members of his party vote appropriately. He is the wheeler-dealer. However, as the series opens, he’s just helped get a new president elected. His thanks is supposed to be a job as Secretary of State, but He is too good at his job  to be promoted. This pisses off Francis  and these thirteen episodes deal with his revenge as he gets his charity running wife Claire (Robin Wright) and an up-and-coming reporter Zoe (Kate Mara) on his side.

Here is a series where President Obama had to cut short a friday so he could lock himself up and watched the entire series season 2 over the week end. Talking about an addictive series. Yes it is it is well written, acted, with sharp dialog. Of course it is purely fictional story, and politics is a cut throat business. Francis goes full force with his plan to get his revenge. The casting is just right. This series has been copied the original is the mini-series of the same name I think. I have not seen it yet but will soon. Francis is smart than most people in the white house and is manipulative which he gets what he wants in people. His wife is not mrs I stay home and takes care of the kids (They have no kids) she gives him a backbone from time to time. She is ruthless has well. Zoe is the reporter who wants to move up and get the story straight up and fast. She is helping in getting the story out to the press. She ambitious, and ruthless to a certain extend. Although Frank speaks to this audience from time to time, you don’t see that too often. If  you like dark political drama with a perfect cast and outstanding actors delivering  sensational performance you will find it interesting and fun to watch as well as addictive. You will not be disappointed it is well directed, the cinematography is awesome and the writing is outstanding.


house of card


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