call the midwife

Creator: Heidi Thomas

Cast: Vanessa Redgrave, Bryony Hannah, Helen George

The  slums  East End of London, 1957.  Middle-class NHS district nurse and  midwife Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine) arrives at her new National Health Service assignment, Nonnatus House, unaware that it is in fact It is a small hospital , led by Sister Julienne (Jenny Agutter). There, Jenny meets the House’s other nuns, including   Sister Evangelina (Pam Ferris), Sister Bernadette (Laura Main), and  Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt).  Jenny is somewhat at first uncomfortable and getting her feet wait. It is a sweet and cheerful approach with the agonizing childbirth. It is not you typical series either. There is a lot of medical series out there but a period medical series pure genius to me and it is fresh. It is a very popular series in England of course as well as in France. It moves at a steady pace and you will see a lot of child birth and taking care of the patient to some it would be a bit repetitive but there is the friendship that is developing between the sister and the non sisters. The thing is it is addictive as hell. It is a nice series so give it a try you never know you might like It.

Call the Midwife - Ep 4

Call the Midwife


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