PROFILAGE (2009 – )


Creators: Sophie Lebarbier, Fanny Robert

Cast: Odile Vuillemin, Vanessa Valence, Raphaël Ferret

Chloé Saint-Laurent is a profiler who works with the police  to solve murders in Paris. She is very nice and wear colorful clothes and a big bright yellow  purse, she is very smart and a great profiler. Her colleagues weren’t crazy about her at first but she grew on them and now there are best of friends.

Here is a french series worth looking at. Interesting that Chloé is a very colorful character and that she dress the same way with colorful clothes and bright on the too of that. I am guessing that her job is depressing profiling serial killer and criminals that she dress like that to brighten her day as well as those who comes in contact with her like her co-woekers. She is very smart and does her job well. On the other hand we her co-workers are totally different from her one is the tough dude who gets the criminals behind bar the other is on the computer he is a geek you always need one now days at the police station and an other woman who is as tough, smart as wells beautiful. They analyze the crime get information and evidence and with the help of Chloé who profile them they get the bad guy behind bars. Typical police series but with a profiler. Great jobs from the writers on this one the top rated series in France. The actors as well the chemistry is there. Nice little series but not available in the U.S. Only in Europe.



sorry the video is in French only. 


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