Creators: Stéphane Giusti, Alain Robillard, Alain Tasma

Cast: Nicolas Gob, Raphaël Lenglet, Luc Thuillier

English: Les blues: First step in the Police Force. 

Six cocky cops rookies just graduated from the police academy join the police force to be trained by arrogant veterans cops who fight between each other. The rookies are Kévin Laporte is a closet-gay. Macho Alex Moreno comes from a Poor  family. Ambitious, academically gifted Lyes Beloumi is of Maghrebinian origin. Shy Nadia Poulain is a young mother in a unhealthy dark marriage.  Laura Maurier has a complex family-relationship with captain Franchard. Welcome to the police force People.

Here is a cool series that brings back memories. It is about rookies cop who for the first time are going to be on the loose in the street with the help of the veteran who will keep them alive and out of trouble. Typical cop series with jokes, crime, action, well you get the point. They choose to be cops for different reasons. cases after cases shit happens and it is a catastrophe after an other. The veterans have their hand full with those rookies. A nice little series that is fun to watch. It has its moment and it is funny as hell. Be careful here because the expressions in French are different that the one in english so you might not understand the joke.




Video in French. 


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