SKINS (2007 – 2013)


Creators: Jamie Brittain, Bryan Elsley

Cast: Kaya Scodelario, Nicholas Hoult, Joe Dempsie

Michelle (April Pearson) is a girl who struggles with self-esteem and her mother’s broken marriage, Her manipulative boyfriend Tony (Nicholas Hoult). Cassie (Hannah Murray) is on the other end does not help the situation. She’s a cheerful, yet sad girl who has an eating disorder and a big smile.  Murray’s character wears her emotions big and bold, and the audience gets sucked in just by the look on her face. Tony’s best friend Sid (Mike Bailey), a clueless dork. He has long been in love with Michelle, and everyone knows it, but his effortless friendliness towards Cassie has sparked her interest. The thing is about Skins it is gear for teenagers and I think they will relate to it. It has a great cast, some of them never acted before so I am told. On the second and third season new characters are introduce and the fun part is you are going to discover them. The third as I recall has a new ensemble cast a risk that paid off. Nice cinematography in this one as well as the writer as done a fantastic job. It is a story of the lives of a group of teenagers where you see their relation with their parents, friends , and teachers. It is break though TV to me and it is well done.



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