Cast:Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale

Based on the book series by author Sara Shephard. Rosewood a little rich town where you might think that everyone is perfect Yeah! right welcome to Rosewood. Well you see there is this sudden disappearance of Alison DiLaurentis (Sasha Pieterse), the self-described “Queen Bee” of Rosewood’s most exclusive high school clique. A cruel little mentor and manipulator Alison knew everybody’s business. She would get away with plenty because she is rich. But one day she is found missing. One year later at Rosewood the girls are in town but one by one they get little messages signed A- as in Allison. But is she back from the missing list or is it someone else string the pot.

pretty little liars

Here is this series that I was not crazy about but when I started watching I was hooked.They’re being socially conscious by tackling real-life issues that real teens face out in the real world and I have to hand it out to the writers for a great job. It is a little bit like the soaps with the back stabbing of sort but it is still good. You have underage drinking, drug use, sex, the gossip etc….The usual suspect, things that teenager do. Even you have relationship between student and teacher. The thing about this series is that everyone is handsome and cute a little unrealistic but who cares it is TV after all. It moves along well and the actors are doing a great job. The chemistry is there. If you are a teenager you will love the is series and if you area woman you will to. Now if you are a man you light not or you might like this one. I do.




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