SEAQUEST DSV (1993 – 1996)


Creator:  Rockne S. O’Bannon

Cast: Jonathan Brandis, Don Franklin, Ted Raimi

SeaQuest DSV’s stark resemblance to Star Trek if you already saw the series you should know that but if you didn’t well it does. It is the deep exploration of the sea not space.The captain is Capt. Nathan Bridger (Roy Scheider), the comely doctor is Dr. Kristin Westphalen (Stephanie Beacham), and the security officer is Chief Manilow Crocker (Royce D. Applegate). Seaquest was a great show produced by steven Spielberg. It started if I recall by a 2 hour pilot episode. It is a classic but it has only 3 seasons it got canceled putting that aside it is a great show like i said before. There was the very young Brittany Murphy, and the dolphin named Darwin and some great story telling at the time maybe not enough character development.SeaQuest was for Scientific Research, Peacekeeper, and Environmentalism. It was a good idea that didn’t take off. But I still say that was a good series. I definitely enjoy this one.




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