UTOPIA (2013 – )


Creator: Dennis Kelly 

Cast: Fiona O’Shaughnessy, Alexandra Roach, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

A group of people find themselves a manuscript of a cult graphic novel eerie #2 it predict the worst disasters of the century and the group find themselves targeted by an organization called the network.

So I went to la Fnac and saw the set season 1&2 of Utopia I read the summary and bought it. This British series is well written, acted, and the visual production is stunning and very colorful. It is a exceptional and a masterpiece. I do not want to give too much away but the chemistry between the actors are so perfect it is not even funny. It is violent nothing that we have seen before. It is filmed in wide screen with saturated vivid color, trendy graphic color, and some special effects with a strutted yellow tile to go with it. The music is outstanding. This series is inspired by Graphic novel/comic book. It will keep you ion the edge of your seats. After finishing the first season I could not wait to start the second season. The writers has used their imagination on this one. There is rumors that Davis Fincher wants to make a remake of Utopia, why remake something that is already so good remake a bad movie to a good movie for example that would be a start. I will not see the remake but I will stick with the original. The british are coming out with some cool series more and more and that is a good thing to me. So does the U.S when with Games of Thrones, True Blood, Empire Boardwalk etc …….Utopia is a must see. I think there will be only 3 seasons if I am not mistaken.

Utopia … look away now.



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