IT TAKES A THIEF (1968 – 1970)

It takes a thief

Creator: Roland Kibbee

Cast: Robert Wagner, Fred Astaire, Malachi Throne

The Secret Intelligence Agency (SIA) has sacrificed two of their best operatives, that dispatch case of extremely sensitive documents  in Lisbon. Big brass wants results now, well like yesterday.  so they hire a cat burglar released from prison and allowed to resume his glamorous, playboy lifestyle in exchange for accepting dangerous assignments for the U.S. government what to steal for the government.

This was the coolest show that came out in the late 60’s is now on DVD but the 3 seasons will run you $119 or so maybe a little less. I am waiting for a good deal. I saw that one on the rerun back in the 70’s I got hooked immediately. I think it was the last of the spy series that was ever made. In the §à’s there were a lot of spy series that I loved. The show was shot at the studio lot but the third season it was shot on location in Europe. Mundy is the main character who has a dad who is a thief also that’s how Mundy became one but his dad works for the government also. Petula clark, Nancy Sinatra, Susan Saint James, Bette Davis, Ida Lupino, Fernando Lamas, Paul Heinreid, and Joesph Cotten made guest appearances. Susan Saint James appeared in five episodes of the series if I recall correctly. Peter sellers was in one episode were he played an informant. Unfortunately it got canceled and run only 3 seasons This is a must see. If you can find it on Netflix I suggest to cheek it out.  The 60’s must be a cool era to be You come in at the office you have a secretary who will serve a scotch at 10:00 am you would have a cool car in the parking a cocktail in the afternoon at lunch plus it was the sexual revolution. I will leave you with this “Let me get this straight you want me to steal?”




it takes a thief


it takes a thief


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