THE AVENGERS (1961 – 1968)

the avengers

Creator: Sydney Newman

Cast: Patrick Macnee, Diana Rigg, Honor Blackman

John Wickham Gascone Berresford Steed (Patrick Macnee) is one of British Intelligence’s best spies. he is gentlemen as well who gets the job done without breaking a sweat. He is surrounded by beautiful women at all the time and fight off villains every week. He is the one that save the world from a new threat avery week. He usually wears a melon hat a 3 piece suit and a cane.

Macnee is perfect in his role as Steed. he is charming with grace and style.Elisabeth Shappard was cast as Emma Peel  and was Steed’s partner. The show was a success in the U.K. and was the first show from the U.K. to be sold in the U.S. Patrick MacNee made the show what it was. His Character was the coolest dude at the time.Diana Rigg was the marvelous Mrs. Emma Peel who had chemistry with Macnee she had beauty and brains a perfect combination for a woman. She had a great leather wardrobe with handcuff. If I recall she did her own stunts. Then there was Linda Thorson came on board as Mrs. Peel’s replacement, she had big shoes to fill. The chemistry was there as well. Her character was more inexperience but she was gaining experience as quickly as possible. The Avengers was fun to watch the fast paced some what action series had trills and some comedy into it; This series became a cult classic with the fans out there still to this day plus you can get the all entire series on DVD. It is on my list for Christmas. Here is a little fact:During his run on The Avengers (1961), Macnee’s only weapon was an umbrella sword; he was rarely if ever seen carrying or using a gun. Macnee has stated in interviews that he insisted on this, because he had seen enough carnage in combat during his military service in World War II. Acting mentor and friend of Diana Rigg.




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