HEROS (2006 – 2009)

Heroes  (2006–2010)

Cast: Hayden Panettiere, Jack Coleman, Milo Ventimiglia

A diverse group of people spread across the globe slowly become aware of the fact that they possess superpowers. A Japanese  man for instance can teleport by bending time and space itself. In Texas a cheerleader discovers that she simply cannot die despite whatever injuries she may have (in one scene she repeatedly hurls herself from a tall structure). An aspiring congress man finds that he can fly, a LAPD cop that he can read minds, etc…… You get thee point. A comic book artist in New York discovers that his paintings actually tells the future , and one of the paintings is that of New York being destroyed in a nuclear explosion.In the background is a super-powered serial killer named Sylar who is killing off other super-powered people, and a shadowy U.S. government agency is in the mix.

The series did not lock of imagination it was used beautifully well. It is great story telling. However it was a little slow at revealing more character development so I think the viewer was not interested any more and the rating fails. Plus it got too expensive to make an other season. It focuses on 8 Characters who had super powers. Sylar was a good psycho path with no remorse and killed everyone who had powers but later on in the others season solar was going to some changes and felt remorse and wanted to stop hurting people. That is the other thing about this series that went wrong unfortunately other wise do not get me wrong it is a good series. Trust me there is conspiracies and plenty of bad guys to go around. The special effects are great no doubt the visual was fantastic. people seems to be fascinated by super heroes now days all those movies that are made and keep coming. Give it a try you might like it is on streaming on Netflix.

Heroes (II) (2006–2010)

Heroes (2006–2010)

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