MR. SELFRIDGE (2013 – )


Creator: Andrew Davies

Cast: Aisling Loftus, Ron Cook, Amy Beth Hayes Jeremy Piven

Mr Selfridge is a British period television drama series about the flamboyant American  Harry Gordon Selfridge and his London department store Selfridge & Co, set in the 1910s..

Fantastic series it seems to me that the British are doing a lot of period piece and it work. I love to be transported in that period in 1910. The visual are stunning trust me. Selfridge wanted a luxury store that sells great quality product from all over the world. The production with the costume and design interior of the house and the store is outstanding. I understand that Piven was up for the role and the producer were impressed of his understanding of his character and he is doing a great job at that. This marketing genius has started the thing called window shopping. He is the one who started it all. It was the first shopping mall of its kind. It is huge back then he had the vision and carried it out. His employees had to focus on presentation, knowledge, customer service. They had to be good at it. He except the best only. His wife was at his side helping him out. The screenwriter is talented and makes the story interesting and it moves along beautifully well. The series has style and his high-caliber. It has drama and comedy into it. Great job by the cast it is fantastic to see such a show of high quality developing in front go you eyes. It is like you are really there.





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