EMMMA (2009)


Cast: Romola Garai, Michael Gambon, Jonny Lee Miller

Emma Woodhouse (Romola Garai) is happy she lives in a house with her father that she cares for. But Emma has a hobbit which is matchmaking. She can not resist playing matchmaker for her friends especially Harriet Smith (Louise Dylan). It does not seems to work because the suitors are attracted to Emma instead of Harriet (who is a simple girl does not come from a noble family). Emma is so focused on finding a mate for Harriet that she forget that she is not considered her own happiness.

It seems to me that the British are doing a lot of period piece and that is cool because I love period piece. You can see how people were dressed and how they lived, it was a simple time back then. Romola Garai plays Emma with precision and it is not easy because Emma is smart and Naive and for an actress it is not easy to portrait but Romola pull it off very well, and what a beautiful actress she is , she remains me go someone I used to know. Emma has a way to manipulate her friends into matchmaking. She is so focus on it that she forgets her own need for love and to fall in love. In that regard she is naive. Emma is like a teenager / adult you can sense it with the facial expression that she does Romola brought that to life very well. Michael Gambon is perfect for the role of Emma’s father and at times is funny. The production design is gorgeous, breath-taking, the costume are perfect and beautiful. The music by Samuel Sim could not be more right for thee series. Overall it is worth looking at this Mini-Series of 4 episodes.




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