FEMMING (2014)


Cast: Dominic Cooper, Lara Pulver, Samuel West

It is the life of Ian Fleming the man who wrote the series of James bond books.

Here is one for you the life of the womanizing, boozing, smoking Ian Fleming the man who would be famous for the James Bond Novels. He was a drunks man who loves to party and wound up with different women every night. he came from a rich family his father was a banker but he didn’t want to pursue the same life as his father. He was serving in the english military during war time. Fleming was great with women was a collector and spoke German and French fluently. He became an naval  intelligence officer this was his most productive period at the time. Fleming was closely like  Bond: Cocky, flippant, and ever so  cool. His very tolerant superior Admiral John Godfrey (coy Samuel West) and Godfrey’s assistant Second Officer Monday (Anna Chancellor) are Fleming’s versions of “M” and “Miss Moneypenny”. The filmmakers, clearly pushed these real-to-life closer to the fictionalized characters they inspired. So it is not boring for the audience. Fleming had an overpowering mother, Evelyn ( Lesley Manville) is like the Bond villain here. Manipulating events and relationships for the “benefit” of her son. A strong indicator to why Fleming would see to make Bond an orphan, clearly hating his mother and being almost powerless to stop her influence. Ian Fleming was best when he thought of creating solutions for other people. Fleming has a Bond very light  life, but for getting the audience interested and glue to their screen they spiced it up a bit.


Fleming: The Man Who Would Be Bond, 3 - Lara Pulver and Dominic Cooper


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