Generation war

Directed by Philipp Kadelbach

Stars: Volker Bruch, Tom Schilling, Katharina Schüttler 

They are 5 friends from childhood in 1941 Berlin. They are in this bar where Greta works they are saying goodbye it is July. Greta, Charlotte, Vikor, and Friedhelm , Wilhem follow a different path Greta was to be a star a singer, Vikor is a jew taylor who is going to take over his father’s business. Charlotte is a nurse and is going to the front to take care of the soldier who are Hurt. as for Friedhelm and wilhem who are soldier and brothers are going to fight the Russian. They wow to come back 6 month later when the war is over at Christmas. Oh! boy where they wrong.

This is based on a true story of five German friends. This is also the first time that the German Cinema has told the story during World War II, although one movie comes in mind Das boot.No one not even the war veteran even talk about the war ever. For the first time a director from Germany has had this bold idea to do a mini series about it. People has talked about the series still six month after it came out. The young one started to ask question to they elders about the war and they answered. You see the German has swept the war under the rug, and like one superior said to Friedhelm it is a different kind of war. They had no idea what was going on. When they find out some of them didn’t think it was right to kill the jews. Like Friedhelm and wilhem said this war does not make sense. To make matter worst Hitler promised a victory soon. Yeah! right. The story does not excuse what the German did during the war. It is compared with band of brothers of course it does not surprise me. Charlotte who was in love with Wilhem (he does not see it at first ) is eager to serve her country as the series moves along you see her in discuss and scared to see all those soldier dying in front of her. Reality checks in. Friedhelm became a murderer under his brother regime later on he become human again and seek redemption toward the very end. His brother on the other end trained rookies in becoming soldier killing machine later on he decided that he has enough, the war does not makes any sense any more he brushes death and lives in a house where he fishes to survive only for a little while. Greta who’s boyfriend is the jew Vikor want to become a stars has an affair with a German SS Officer and tried to get papers for her boyfriend Vikor. Vikor gets caught by the German and he is sent on the train to the camp only to escape and join the polish resistance. Great acting jobs by all the actors. I have been told that the polish media gave a negative review. A must see.

Generation War



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