THE SLAP (2011)


Creator: Christos Tsiolkas.

Cast: Jonathan LaPaglia, Sophie Okonedo, Alex Dimitriades

Jonathan LaPaglia (Hector) is going to be 40 years old I see a middle age crisis there coming up. His wife is preparing the get together for his birthday. so far so good. Meanwhile Hector has something on his mind a woman Connie (Sophie Lowe) , you see Sophie has been flirting with Hector and wants to jump hector. The party gets started and every thing is going according to plan. A kid who is difficult to deal with and a pain in a butt because he destroy anything on his path gets slap by the cousin of hector what follows is a series of even that follows.

Here is an original series from the book the slap by Chistos Tsiolka. I love this series. There is a narrator at the beginning of it and he makes some funny comment from time to time. I love a scene when hector is masturbating in the bathroom and his mom arrives downstairs and said ” I got the meat” and kill the mood of hecto rmasturbating . The event that follows is that the couple who the kid got slap pressing charges. Every episode after that is the point of view of each character of what happen at the party. Terrific cast at that and fun to watch. From what I heard they followed the book to a T. Good for them because those who read the book will not be disappointed. Won for best miniseries in Australia.




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