MARCO POLO (2014 – )


Cast: Lorenzo Richelmy, Mahesh Jadu, Chin Han

Marco Polo is based on the famous explorer’s adventures in Kublai Khan’s court in 13th century China as we all know. Marco Polo defies his father and got on his father’s boat without his permission. His father finds out and decided to take him on his adventure in China. Marco barely knows his father, Marco is essentially left with the Mongol leader as an offering to secure Dad’s access to lucrative trading routes. Marco has no choice and his the slave of the Emperor but he can go in and out as he please, but not on the other side of the wall. An other slave teaches him Kung fu , and sword fighting in order to survive in any country, to any climate condition.

Now Netflix took upon to do this series with the Weinstein company for a whopping $60 millions for the first season. I think at this rate it will have 2 season only. Look what happen with Rome the second season was $100 million I think that is going to happen with this series. It is the second most expensive series so far. you see the last season of game of thrones went for $90 million. The production is outstanding bt far and the costumes are beautiful. the set who are in malaria stands out. Beautiful production well made. Newcomer Lorenzo Richelmy is not as charismatic but he will do just fine this is the first season after all. The rest of the cast is fine so far. The female cast is terrific. Joan Chen is great as Empress Chabi, Kublai Khan’s bloodthirsty wife. The cinematography is fantastic with some great shots of china. The writing how ever should be polish a bit to make Marco Polo more interesting do not get me wrong it is still a great series. A lot of people are comparing Game of Thrones to Marco Polo but i am not going to do that. Marco Polo stands on its own on the top of that there is a cliffhanger at the end of the season. It is 2 different story anyway. So give it a shot it is video steaming on Netflix.



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