GOTHAM (2014 – )


Creator: Bruno Heller

Cast: Ben McKenzie, Jada Pinkett Smith, Donal Logue

Commissioner Gordon Ha s a reputation to combat crime in Gotham City. He is a newcomer to the police force who struggles with his definition of justice as he faces the corruptive influences of his city.This is the time where batman is not there yet. He is confronted  the system who except him to be corrupted. In the first few episode you think he is not the man for the job, but he has a lot to learn after all he is a newcomer like I said. He needs to know how deep the corruption goes.

Keep in mind it is a dark show and the cinematography works here. It is a prequel before Batman way before. Some how the studio are going with comic series and there is a lot go around. Gotham is a dark city with a lot of corruption kind of remains me of Detroit city. The feel and the mood is flowing just fine. Who knows how they are going to develop it , but for now it looks good. Gordon has a partner Bullock (Donal Logue) battle the streets of dangerous criminals all while dealing with a city of corruption that has ties to politics, money and the mob. it also shows the early origins of criminals in the making like “The Riddler” and “Catwoman”, “the Penguin”. Overall worth a look in you are in that sort of thing. Nice performances by the actors. Jada Pinkett steal the show in this one and gives a great performance.



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