TREME (2010 – 2013)

Treme (2010–2013)

Creators: Eric Overmyer, David Simon

Cast: Khandi Alexander, Rob Brown, Kim Dickens 

Life in Louisiana after Hurricane Katrina. People are trying to pull it together and rebuild their unique culture, their home, and businesses. The series will take you there after a horrible natural disaster has happened.

After the hurricane Katrina are trying to rebuild their homes, salvage what they can, rebuilding their business it is set after 3 month hurricane Katrina has devastated the state. The cast is outstanding: There is a money-hustling trombone player (Wendell Pierce). There is a restaurateur (Kim Dickens) trying to keep her business afloat with few supplies and fewer employees. There is a bitter saloon owner (Khandi Alexander) searching for her missing brother and fighting off the charms of her two-timing ex-hubby (the trombone player). There is a disc jockey (Steve Zahn, Sahara), actively pissing off everyone (including our restaurateur. There’s an obsessive senior (Clarke Peters) who refuses to give up his dream of leading a parade Trewe in the city’s first post-disaster Mardis Gras. Finally, there is a community activist (John Goodman) who rails against the government, the Army Corps of Engineers and FEMA to anyone who will listen. There is a lot more this is the tip of the iceberg It is an intelligent show it has a sense of reality to it of course and it is moving along just fine beside being well acted, after all this is real-life drama. So you got the character, music , food and some blah! blah! and you have a dam good show.


Treme (2010–2013)




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