THE 100 (2014 – )

The 100

Creator: Jason Rothenberg

Cast: Eliza Taylor, Eli Goree, Thomas McDonell

97 years after the nuclear war that wipe out everything off the earth, A spaceship who housed 100 teenager that are delinquents the only survivors is sent back to earth in hope of repopulating the earth.

There is a lot of film even series of post-apocalyptic themes. And yes ladies and Gentlemen it keeps going and going and going. Okay so people now days are more concern about the end of the world then anything else it seems. Here it is humanity survived in the space stations of twelve nations, which were merged to form The Ark. Because of radiation, Earth is thought to still be uninhabitable for another few generations. Nevertheless, with life support running out, the administration decides to drop 100 underage prisoners from “The Skybox” back onto the planet’s surface to see what there is. Those 100 delinquent are expendable are sent as lab rat to see if they can survive and if the planet ids livable. Yes you know it they are going to butt heads after all they are a bunch of teenagers. They see that it is a different earth that their ancestors were used too, they see a 2 headed deer, and a giant man-eating snakes.Then there are the Grounders, a mysterious, fearsome tribe of humans who have somehow survived the apocalypse but at don’t  speak nor understand English. The ark monitors the ground with the 100 having a bracelet to record their vital signs. The only thing I have a problem with is that if they were a nuclear war they would be no forest left, no vegetation. We see it there how can it be possible? Well it is a TV shows and for now it works.



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