RECTIFY (2013 – )


Creator: Ray McKinnon

Cast: Aden Young, J. Smith-Cameron, Clayne Crawford 

Daniel Holden (Aden Young) who just served 20 years in the Georgia death row penitentiary is getting out due the DNA test and was found innocent of the rape and murder of a 16 years old  girl.

Here is an original idea for a series and well written. Yeah! he is getting out and things are far from over. Well there will be people like the district attorney and the cops that think he is still guilty and will go after him. It is just the beginning of Sundance Channel first series, well welcome to the club guys and what took you so long. Just think that is the grippy theme of this series a man who is getting out of jail and his going back to the real world will he survive? He is totally disconnected from the world and tries slowly to reconnect to it, to have some kind of purpose. The semen at the scene is not his but we do not know who the second party is. You have to put a really great actor for the part and the cast has to be perfect. He has this calm numb voice flowing though him and has those facial expression like if he searching for something. His sister stand by him from the beginning has knows that he was innocent. He is constently gazing looking around discovering things that he has not seen yet or seen before but rediscovering them again. His sister Amantha (Abigail Spencer), is confronted with 2 choices the one to get out of her parents home who is giving her too much stress or stay to protect and fight for her brother. Jared (Jake Austin Walker), his half-brother eager to help his new sibling catch up on pop culture, brings him a flatscreen TV with a DVD player, and the two watch Dazed and Confused together. Great cast acting and writing, I have to hand it to sundance Channel terrific job for a first series.




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