LOVE/HATE (2010 – )


Love/Hate (2010– )

Creator: Stuart Carolan

Cast: Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, Killian Scott, Aoibhinn McGinnity 

The story is set in Dublin’s criminal underworld.The story focused on rivalries within the criminal milieu and the psychological effects of violence on the Darren character. It is the parties, the dealing the drugs, shoot out, girls, and of course money. Add to that the rival gang who wants a piece of the action.

Hee is a crime, gangster drama, at his best. The criminal underworld of Dublin. It starts by a member of the gang who gets out of jail. An other gets in the country in which he resist in Spain. the other one has to pick the dude who just got out of jail. He wait at a liquor store and gets shot by a rival gang. Just the begin sites up the series and what kind of atmosphere it is going to be. That’s what I like about other crime series from an other country you get a sense of culture a different world. You get pretty much what it is about. They get into drugs some of them are taking it and gets addicted to it. They are a young bunch of criminals that nothing gets on their way. Some of them have a past. One has kids and wants to get married to his girlfriend. An other has a kid on the way. There is family life, parties with other girls, boozing, shooting, and always looking over your shoulder to see id the cops are catching up or a rival gang is. I love it is fun to watch.

Love/Hate (2010– )



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