THE PARADISE (2012 – )


Creator: Bill Gallagher

Cast: Joanna Vanderham, Emun Elliott, Stephen Wight

Denise (Joanna Vanderham) is seeking to make her way in the world when she arrives at her uncle’s shop in London. But He can’t hire her business is bad. A new store shopping mall like is the mater of fact its first of its kind at the time is taking a lot of his business. Denise who need to work goes to the store The Paradise and gets a job there, the store is owned by Moray (Emun Elliott). She  settles in among the girls in the ladies section but as a distraction her employe rwho is fighting for his plans for expansion with manager, Dudley (Matthew McNulty) was is extremely caution. He’s wooing Katherine (Elaine Cassidy), the spoiled daughter of the richest banker in town, in the hopes that her father can finance and buy up  the surrounding area in anticipation of his great success. Katherine wants to get engage but Elliot wants to postpone it and wait business first.

Great little series here and I heard though the grape wine that England was not going to make a period series again, but they keep on going and that is just fine by me. Elliot is a manipulative man and toys with Elaine so he can get her father’s money to do the expansion that he needs, but he is also interested by Denise who is new in town and also her new employee. She is doing well and he loves that. He also slip with one night stand with one of the girls that works for him and she wants more but Elliot won’t have it. But it seems that she do not want to move on. The costumes and the locations are beautiful. The stories are a bit complicated as the series goes along. But murder? Well so it goes. The casting is perfect as well and so is the writing. I love it.



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