BLACK MIRROR (2011 – )

black mirror

Creator: Charlie Brooker

Cast: Bryony Neylan-Francis, Shawn Aldin-Burnett, Daniel Kaluuya 

This series is brilliant. There are three episodes, each a bleak and dark story about how the modern, internet and technology filled world could plunge us into hell. The first, is one set in the present.  The fictional princess is kidnapped by an unknown person and a video ransom is posted anonymously on YouTube  saying that unless the prime minister had sexual intercourse with a pig live broadcast on every British television channel in four days, she would be killed. The story is gripping, and has a silver feel to it, the actors are brilliant, and the episode is well-directed, like the little thing like the stress on the prime minister face and his hair seems to thin out, well done here.

I am not going to tell you about the other stories just in case you have not see the series yet. and yes it is a British series and I do love those series it is well thought out, they used their imagination big time. It is like a new modern version of the twilight series. They rewrote the series. Perfect. could not be better. It is brilliant and disturbing as well. it is about human nature and the technology that we abuse and can’t go without. The stories are out of this world. There is six episode by season with varying tone, structure, and narrative scope, it focuses on characters that respond to extreme situations. Every stories comes with a shocking ending and a narrative conclusion. That is all I am going to go into. This series is a must see.


black mirror 460


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