REVENGE (2011 – )


Creator:  Mike Kelley

Cast: Madeleine Stowe, Emily VanCamp, Gabriel Mann

An emotional young woman is making her mission to take revenge on the people who has done wrong to her father. It reasonable at the count of Monte Cristo. Vengeance looks like through the eyes of a scorned individual fueled by resolve, devious, and endless resources.The thing that I don’t like about this series is that it has a soap opera angle, but other than that it is addictive big time. You are wondering what is she going to do next. The one fueled by vengeance is Emily Thorne (Emily VanCamp) also known as Amanda Clarke, the daughter of a man convicted of terrorist acts that he didn’t commit. Her father wrote a journal in jail and emily learn about the plot set in motion by the Grayson family, a powerful Hampton family, to frame him for the activities that would’ve destroyed their empire. It isn’t the only thing she received a fortune, tons of money that her father left her. The first step she takes is to rent the house right next door to the Graysons’ beach-front property for the summer, a home where she spent her childhood. Her target Victoria Grayson (Madeleine Stowe), the woman who ultimately turned on her father, and does she plays well this cold-hearted bitch. Well I am not going to tell you more than that but the cinematography in this one is awesome. And yes it is going to be a hell of a summer at the Hampton. Emily as this devious plan to get her revenge and she will stop at nothing , what ever it takes. By the way it is well written and suspenseful series.

Revenge 2

Revenge 3



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