PERCEPTION (2012 – )


Creator: Kenneth Biller, Michael Sussman

Cast: Eric McCormack, Rachael Leigh Cook, Kelly Rowan 

Eric McCormack) as Professor Daniel Pierce and Rachel Leigh Cook as gritty FBI agent Kate Moretti. A schizophrenic professor helps a not so by the books FBI agent. This looks like the Series Monk and Numbers but a little different which is fine. Here Pierce has a mental illness and has to have a student to be his assistant in order to function.Dr. Daniel Pierce (McCormack) is a schizophrenic neuroscience professor fresh off a stint in a psychiatric hospital. His mental break down forces him to take a teaching job at the University. When former student Kate Moretti (Cook) shows up and ask him for his help in a case that she can’t solve. McCormack here is back with an other series with a solid performance. Rachel Leigh Cook not only has chemistry with McCormack but holds her own and done an outstanding job here. Pierce has this mental illness and sometimes does not know if the person he is talking too is real or not. Of course, like any show there is the inevitable sexual tension between Daniel and Kate no surprise for me there. He has feeling for her but there is an 16 or so years gap between them, it is not creepy at all but in a sweet way because there is an innocence about him. It is a great series it will keep you wanting more each time.





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