Cast: Bill Bixby, Lou Ferrigno, Jack Colvin

David Banner (Bill Bixby) who was inadvertently exposed to high levels of gamma radiation while researching the strength that lies within us all.  Whenever David gets angry, he  turns into a giant green muscular monster (played by Lou Ferrigno in a role that Arnold Schwarzenegger was  turned down). On the top of that David lost the love of his life in a car accident. He became obsessed with the human ability to gain strength above and beyond the norm during times of crisis. He started a research project and a year later he made the discovery that people had their moments during times where the sun was giving off a high amount of gamma radiation. Of course, as any good scientist would, David puts himself in the radiation chair and charges his body with large amounts of gamma radiation to see what happens. The only thing is, rather than the amount he intended to be subjected to, the machine had been tinkered with and he was hit with about six times the projected amount. And yes you got it he found out later when he gets pissed off he turns into a big muscular green man. This series has a cult following fans of the marvel comic book. It became an instant hit. Even my genius friend love that series, usually he does not like much series but this one glued him the tube. Bill Bixby which I love unfortunately died of prostate cancer in 1993 he was only 59. Love the dude this series remains me of a lot of things back in the day. Terrific performance by Bill. The special effect stand out and back in the day the did very well. This was little bit like Dr. Jeckyll and Mister Hide. It still stands out today and if you are a collector of series like I am,  do get this one. “Are you trying to get me angry? ypquknow how i get when I am angry” this was a great line.





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