JOHN DOE (2002 – 2003)


Creators: Brandon Camp, Mike Thompson. 

Cast: Dominic Purcell, Jayne Brook, John Marshall Jones. 

‘John Doe’ is called thus because nobody knows the name of the man who literally fell from the sky, naked, in the sea near an obscure island. When Cambodian fishermen save him, it soon becomes clear his memory is gone he does not know his name or where he comes from and has more factual knowledge stored in his brain. He is a walking encyclopedia and is also colorblind he sees in black and white. The Two police detectives who are  trying to help him are frustrated by finding his own story a little bit disturbing. It was a great series but din’t get the rating that it suppose to do so it got ditched. It is like rewriting the story of the Bourne Identity. Jason Bourne in the movie quickly realizes he is a spy, and his knowledge is limited to the essential spy skills, whereas John Doe isn’t a spy (that we know of yet), and his knowledge is limitless. The show is packed with intrigue and leaves things as they are until John see a little girl in color. It takes you on the ride and you will love every moment. I am pretty sure you should find this one on Netflix.

john doe


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