TWIN PEAKS (1990 – 1991)

Twin Peaks

Creators: Mark Frost, David Lynch

Cast: Kyle MacLachlan, Michael Ontkean, Mädchen Amick

Welcome to Twin Peaks, says the road sign. Population: 51,201. Well, make that an even 51,200. The body of a young girl Laura Palmer is washed up on a beach near the small Washington state town of Twin Peaks FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper is called in to investigate that is going to lead him into a strange world.

And that sets up a terrific series that made it only 2 years and that is a shame to see it go. If you love Twin Peaks you are going to love Bates Motel. Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) is a control freak who uses a tape recorder to communicate his every thought to an unseen secretary. He works with the local sheriff, whose name is Harry S. Truman (Michael Ontkean). Laura’s mother (Grace Zabriskie), who can’t stop crying; Bobby Briggs (Dana Ashbrook), a young Lothario and one of the last people to see Laura alive; James Hurley (James Marshall), a biker and  loner who was also involved with the dead woman, and Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle), Laura’s best friend, who now is desperately trying to protect James, those are the usual suspect. The other group of people are:  Ed Hurley (Everett McGill), running the local gas station, is married to a strange woman with an eye patch but is in love with Norma Jennings (Peggy Lipton), whose husband may soon be paroled from prison. Jocelyn Packard (Joan Chen) has inherited the Packard Sawmill from her deceased husband. She is an immigrant from Hong Kong and still has  difficulties speaking English.  Benjamin Horne (Richard Beymer) owns the swank Great Northern motel and is eager to expand his real-estate empire. His daughter, Audrey (Sherilyn Fenn), is a seductive teen-ager who wears spike-heeled red shoes to her high school classes.The series has a feel of a thriller slow paced kind of film noir. Back in the day that is all that people were talking about “Did you see Twin Peaks last night”  “Who do you think kill Laura?” At the time we didn’t know where the series was going we went along with the ride. Ever the years grew a cult followers and people still talk about it. Ranked #20 in TV Guide’s list of the “25 Top Cult Shows Ever!”



twin peaks 2


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