Wentworth Prison (2013– )

Creator: Reg Watson

Cast: Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, Kate Atkinson

Bea Smith has attempted to kill her abusive husband which landed her in jail. once in jail she has to learn the rope of survival after all it is a different  world in Prison.

Here is a great series more brutal than orange is the new black with a bit of realism into it. It is an Australian series and a prequel of  Prisoner Cell Block H way back in the 80’s but this one is fast pace and a lot juicier. Bea gets of the bus to go to her cell block when a prisoner ask one of the guard if he wanted the usual, he drop off his pants and she sucked him off. She gets to her cell block, find out that there is a kid there her mom is still on drugs supplied by on of the rehabilitation officer , Franky Doyle ( Nicole da Silva) who runs her cell block wants to take down her competition. to top it all off the prison warden gets murdered during a riot and that is the tip of the iceberg on the first season. Be a who tried to kill her husband because she has been abused by him countless time ends up in jail for attempted murder. Once she gets there it is a terrifying world and not an easy one to adjust. One inmate is showing her the rope while her kid is on Bea’s mind at all the time. She has guilt issues and didn’t want to leave her behind god knows what her husband is feeding her for information. It is pure and simple grippy drama well written and acted beside being addictive. The show has the name of a real prison; Wentworth Gaol, a former Australian prison that operated between 1881 and 1928, is located in Wentworth, New South Wales and is now a tourist attraction.




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