NAVARRO (1989 – 2006)

 Navarro (1989–2006)

Creator: Tito Topin

Cast: Roger Hanin, Maurice Vaudaux, Emmanuelle Boidron

Here is a series that lasted 18 years with Roger Hanin who past away yesterday at age of 89. He was born in Alger when it was French In 1925. Ebded up in France and became an actor at first theater than got into movies like Breathless (1960) Rocco and his brother (1960) opposite  Alain Delon And a writer and actor in Navarro.He was the  brother-in-law of former French president François Mitterrand. I didn’t share the same view in politics but he was a great actor. His wife who was a producer did in 2002 of natural causes. He has this passion for acting that no one had and due to a heart attack in 2007 had to stop working and retire.  The actress Emmanuelle Boidron owns him a lot first he puts her in the series than when she passed her driver license He bought her a brand new car and to top it all off introduce her to her husband. The series goes like this Commissionaire Navarro (Roger Hanin) is single and raising his daughter. Although when he goes to work he has to deal with crime and catching bad guys with his team of police officers. There were a lot of first in that series cases of racism, A boat with Chinese on it has been found and the Chinese mafia are not happy about it. Pimps, mafia, drugs, prostitution, pedophiles, women that are sold as sex slave, etc…. you get the point. You get that Navarro is this tough guy who will get the bad guys by any means necessary and he jungle his daughter in between. Great little series that was sold in 70 countries in Europe. The series contains 90 minutes episode. This was like are Colombo. Roger Hanin was known all over Europe  because of that series.

 Navarro 2



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