XANADU (2011)


creator: Séverine Bosschem

Cast: Jean-Baptiste Malartre, Julien Boisselier, Nathalie Blanc

The Valadine family has a top of the line great empire porn business. Alex Valadine, porn czar and patriarch of this family bruised, leads the porn clan.The Xanadu productions have revolutionized the porn film industry in the 80s thanks to their muse, Elise Jess. Alex’s first wife and the mother of his three children, Elise disappeared there ten years ago, but his ghost and the mystery of his disappearance still haunts the family home. Alex Valadine is pushed out by his children, Sarah and Laurent Valadine, determined to bring the Xanadu empire in the twenty-first century.


Now this is not a porno series it is the story of this porno family. It is not for children obviously and yes there is some sex scenes and nudity. Having said that it has its funny moment. This this an empire who are keeping up with the time if you have not noticed by now the porno business is changing because of the internet. You can make a porno with a camcorder in a little apartment film the scene and download it on a website. The viewer would have to pay a monthly fee to see it. Well the head of the family does nor understand that he wants to stay the way it is filming with 35mm film and have a story behind it like they were doing in the 80’s. However his son has other plan. he wants to expand the business that is changing otherwise the all business will go down. The characters are :

Laurent Valadine who is the eldest son who is serious and responsible and not afraid to tell his father what is n his mind. Alex Valadine, this is the Monarch X that has gradually left behind and can neither turn the page, or to step down.Vanessa used to be a porn star beautiful body as well as a beautiful women but unfortunately age sets in and the jobs are fierce and she is trying to find her way. Elise Jess is Alex”s muse who died in 1992 she was the dazzling sensational porn star back then, but her won inability of raising children plus being in the porn business does not help. Varvara Valadine is the second wife of Alex who was a porn star retired now and wants an ordinary home life with Alex who she loves dearly. Anne Valadine the wife of Laurent who disapprove of his family’s business and wants a life better life with more money in a way she wants to be a bourgeois. She wants Laurent to distant himself from the family business and his father. Sarah Valadine is the sister of Laurent who is the third wheel and wants revenge because she had a terrible childhood. Lapo Valadine is the younger son of the family. he is both the bad seed and the gifted son way of head of his tim in the porno business. His character is awesome he plays it with sun glasses at all the time and a calm smooth creepy voice. Brendon is the hunk of a porn star with a baby face and soul however his life as a porn star is not without risk. Bobby Max is the ex-boyfriend of Alex, a director in the porn business since the 70’s returns to work for Xanadu and falls in love with Anne Valadine. to finish this the last one is Lou she becomes the new muse of Xanadu. Arte did that series in 2011 but they killed it after the first season I think due to low rating. It is a bold series very well written with guts and love. 



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