MACGYVER (1985 – 1992)

MacGyver (1985–1992)

Creator: Daniel Craig

Cast: Richard Dean Anderson, Dana Elcar, Stephen Chang

At the time this series arrived it was the coolest thing. Still is Part Genius, and part boy scout MacGyver could make a some bomb with household chemical. The first year was okay but it got better after that. There were some great moment in this series that the one where MacGyver stop an acid leaks with a bar of chocolate I thought okay then that is interesting. He never carried a gun and could fight is way out of anything. MacGyver’s tricks, was genius, as everything was based on real science, but without certain steps, to prevent kids from blowing themselves after all safety first there were afraid that kids would try them in real life and that could do some serious injuries if it miss fired on them. The dialogue what made the show a little bit silly plus the depth of the females characters some were tied up a a railroad track while the villains had bicycle handle bar mustangs and some out of this world dialogue. I still enjoy the show it was fun to watch and I was A youngster back then. I am guessing you could find some reruns on TV on some channel if you look really hard. If you want to own the series you have to be a die hard fan this is going to be a big investment. You probably find it on Netflix no doubt.



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