Southcliffe (2013)

Cast: Rory Kinnear, Sean Harris, Shirley Henderson

Southcliffe Is a fictional little town in England it tells the story in a nonlinear narrative structure. A series of shooting has occur by Stephen Morton (Sean Harris) the cause of these shootings and the effects on the town and residents. It is retold by the view of the journalist and the residents.

If you seen The Slap the Australian mini-series it uses the same nonlinear narrative structure to tell the story and the different view of the people who was at the party. Here the British series has copied it and did a shooting incident. Nothing wrong with that. It is one of England best mini-series of the years 2013. The actors performances are outstanding here. It start with young men coming back from Iraq. They are welcome back by the town. Some of them have a pass for 38 days some are staying. It is a big party and they get to see their love one once again. It is well told and you will see different point of view of the story seen by different people. It is grippy, bold and scary because it could happen anywhere. It has already happen in the world anyway. The body pile up and the police are tracking down the shooter. the series explores tragedy, grief, responsibility and redemption. Some of you might not like the last episode some of you will. It is a bit controversial to me. The series has a silver feel it and it is in England so you see the sad raining weather throughout the series. It is brutal at time and some of the comment of the people will make you think of react and say “what a dick.” See it for yourself.

Southcliffe (2013)-2



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