SHAMELESS (2011 – )


Creators: John Wells, Paul Abbott

Cast: Emmy Rossum, William H. Macy, Ethan Cutkosky

Here is a father who is an alcoholic and doing a great job of staying that way has 6 kids who lives in this run-down house. The oldest who is his daughter keeps the family running full force, she became the head of the house and takes care of her brothers and sisters. While her father keeps going to bar and drinks all day.

Okay it is not an original show it has been copied from the UK, but Showtime took it a notch further. So you got Lip (Jeremy Allen White), the oldest son in the Gallagher family, is a genius he is fine with the living arrangement, comfortable in hiss own skin and reads people very well. Fiona (Emmy Rossum), the eldest daughter, who has to choose between her own happiness or taking care of her family since their mother ran out on them several years ago, and you have the rest of the gang who is not better off either. It is amazing what there are able to pull off by paying the bill and having food on the table and yes they are a dysfunctional family; but it seems that they still enjoy life despite of it all. Macy does a superb job here I bet when he got the scrip for this he said ti himself “I am going to play a drunk who drinks all day” where do I sign ? The Cast is so perfect it is not even funny. Just the first episode you will have drugs use , sex in the kitchen, the neighbors have weird sex, the family trying to scrap money for the electric bills. Fiona dating maybe some dude that she just meet at the club and the father that comes home drunk and that my friends is just for starters, and it you are not addicted after the first show then the creators as well as the writers has not done their jobs then. Have fun.




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