RITA ( 2012 – )


Creator: Christian Torpe

Cast: Mille Dinesen, Lise Baastrup, Nikolaj Groth

This a Danish series and it is pretty good so far as far as season one. A teacher who was rebellious when she was younger, now teaches at school. She has 3 kids, is a single mom. She lives almost next to the school she teaches. You know when you are in not your typical U.S series is when you see a beautiful Danish woman in her 40’s smoking in the bathroom of the school. She reads the graffiti on the wall and sees one that caught her attention and need correcting it reads “Rita was fucking the principal” she corrects it, Rita is fucking the principal. She gets out because the bells as rung and goes to class. She is a single mother with 3 kids and they are dysfunctional family. She wear tight jeans a shirt and a shirt over it. She is trying to keep it together and has her way of teaching.  It has funny moment aand moves along just fine. Her son who is gay and won’t admit it to himself and everybody knows that he is gay. Her daughter is self-conscious because her boyfriends has broken up with her because she had no ass. and her older son is getting married at 22 years old who has a nice family. Well this is it you are going to have to watch this series.




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