CHINA BEACH (1988 – 1991)

China Beach (1988–1991)

Creators:John Sacret Young and William Broyles

Cast : Dana Delany, Michael Boatman, Robert Picardo

Here is a great piece of greatness. The thing is that not too many people remember that one. It is the M*A*S*H version but serious and the female version of it, and it became great drama. Dana Delany was outstanding in this role and touches your heart. Through her you see what it is like to see young men dying and  dealing with terrible, life altering injuries and how hopeless she feels when she can not save them. Yet she plays an important part in their life the patient could related to her, a-she would sympathies with them trying to make them fell better even though some times she knew they were going to die. The series is set around a bunch of women take care i-of the injured and doing other thing. I remember watching the series and back in the day the opening credits set to the Supremes’ “Reflections”. I said to myself just in 3 minutes in dam! this is going to be a great series and I was right. It was center around doctors, nurses, soldiers and even USO entertainers stationed at the base even there were a hooker on the base. The writers here are done their jobs well  the stories were gripping and raw . Thee cast was the perfect cast in a series at the time. You see the writers has interviewed nurses from Vietnam to tell their stories. So give it a try watch this one you will not be disappointed. You can find this series on DVD now.


China Beach-3


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