RIPTIDE (1984 – 1986)

Riptide (1984–1986)

Creators: Stephen J. Cannell, Frank Lupo

Cast: Perry King, Joe Penny, Thom Bray

Riptide focused on Nick Ryder (Joe Penny) and Cody Allen (Perry King), two Vietnam vets who find themselves in the detective business, chasing down criminals in California with the help of their pink helicopter, and a couple of friends who are computer whiz on a boat. and yes they have a pink helicopter with the month of Mick Jagger. See picture below. All that set aside the series is an action series with a lot of flashy visuals, big action, some hearty laughs, and a robot sidekick. Nick and Cody are regular guys who like to party and chase woman what else is new there. Murray, the comic relief, is the nerd that they need to get them out of a jam or hack into some system.There are plenty of times where he’s the one who saves the day and gets the girl. The other character is the Robot the R2-D2 wannabe with a bright orange color. It is wandering around the boat doing too much at all looking confused. You will see those Laptop back then they were bigger than they are now as I recall. Over all I love that one but it didn’t take after 3 years it got canceled. Well you can find it on DVD now and revisit this one.

Riptide (1984–1986)





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