LOST IN SPACE (1965 – 1968)

Lost in Space (1965–1968)

Creator: Irwin Allen

Cast: Guy Williams, June Lockhart, Mark Goddard

When I first got in the US some dude which became my best friend introduce me to this series. This was the first family in space they have a Alpha Control to pilot the Jupiter II, an experimental spacecraft. Their mission is to settle on the nearest planet that can sustain human life. The earth is over populated so they have to search for other planet to Put some human on. The Robinson will be the first of 10 Million or so to relocate from earth.The crew consists of Professor John Robinson, father and leader of the expedition, along with his wife, Maureen Robinson, and their three children, Judy Robinson, daughter Penny Robinson, and the whiz kid  Will Robinson.The Jupiter II is also equipped with a Robot that will be used to explore and examine extraterrestrial and alien territory. Of course there is the bad guys that will sabotage the mission. Of course some shit happens and they are lost in space. They want to return to earth but will they or will they be lost in space forever.

The series has a ton of followers. It is back then a break through series original and never been done before. Everybody back then was glue to the TV and could not wait to see this series. The special effects here are quiet amazing for back in the day. Of course there is occasional classic clichés– silver foil suits, food pills, giant robots etc….It was good story telling and some of the story were amusing at times. The aliens were pretty funny sometimes the way the writers imagination was back then was something out of a kid’s mind, but it will do. They experimented with this series and they were not afraid of doing so. It still sands out to this day and the series still entertain. I love the jump suit in this it look like aluminum kind like the one i made back when I was a kid.


Lost in Space (1965–1968)

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