FOREVER (2014 – )

Forever (2014– )

Creator: Matthew Miller

Cast: Ioan Gruffudd, Alana De La Garza, Joel David Moore

you can kill, but he won’t die. He’s Dr. Henry Morgan (Ioan Gruffudd), and yes, he has a sharp mental encyclopedia  like practically every other investigator since Sherlock Holmes, but what’s really a blessing and a curse for him is that he’s immortal. Well, he can die, and fell the pain, but he keeps coming back to life,in the water nude.  A gift that he acquired after a heroic act two centuries ago (which we see in the premiere) and no longer wants. He decided to see what cause this curse so he can put his life to an end or can be immortal.Henry is a medical examiner in  New York, a job he took so that he could study death and try to figure out what happened to him.

Here is a series that does crime but a different way and a la Sherlock. Now you might say how many time are they going to manipulate that. You see in the 70’s there were a lot od cop shows. Then in the 80′ yes cop shows but with a bit a reality in it. And for a while cop shows as wide and got resurrected because of CSI. They combined forensic and police work together. Very soon that is going to get old. So what is next then. Well you know Marvel comic series. The show does have a spark when Henry and a detective named Jo Martinez (Alana De La Garza) interact. Both have lost loves in their past, and Jo senses there’s something different about Henry. So she is trying to figure it out but there is obstacles. Now that they are sidekick provides a nice touch for the series. Judd Hirsh is with him and the only one who knows is secret you will see who is he to Henry when you watch the story. It has some great line and comic relief in this series well it is well written also. Nice one there for now until then.


Forever (2014– )



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