CAÏN (2012 – )


Creators: Bertrand Arthuys, Alexis Le Sec

Cast: Bruno Debrandt, Julie Delarme, Frédéric Pellegeay

Captain Frederick Cain is in a wheelchair since his motorcycle accident in which he alone is responsible (he was under influence of drugs and speeding). With its smart ass dark humor, it is detestable  with the “bipeds” – as he calls them – who live around him, and the lieutenant Lucie Delambre is the only one that has succeeded for the moment to support him as her partner. His private life revolves around its Gaëlle ex-wife and son Ben.

here is a detective who is bitter about his accident his fault. His is in the wheel chair. His dark humor is cold as ice? He will say what on his mind and he can be difficult at times. He has not too many friends plus his partner who is a woman is the only one who can support him. He does the job, he is smart and the humans who has 2 legs he  calls them Bipeds. The thing is that the creators here tried to do a remake of the series Ironside from the 60’s plus one of the creators has friends who are handicap and wanted to make it a thriller but it turns out that the series grew on its own and took a different direction. It is shot in Marseille. I love the French series because I get to see Marseille which one of those days I visit. Nice little series here and very popular in France.

Caïn (2012– )

Caïn (2012– )

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