LIFE (2007 – 2009)


Creator: Rand Ravich

Cast: Damian Lewis, Sarah Shahi, Adam Arkin

It is the story of a police officer who is picking the pieces of his life, because of false accusation that landed him in jail. Instead of being angry to the max Charlie Crews (Damian Lewis) turns to zen philosophy in an effort to survive his hostile environment which make him a quirky character. When he was exonerated, he was given a large cash settlement. Someone gossip that it must be in the ball park of 50 million dollars. He returns to being a homicide cop as he says he is getting on with his life but there is a catch he returns to the job to figure out who framed him and that he really did not commit those murder so he his going to investigate on his own. Charlie gets detective Dani Reese (Sarah Shai),as his partner  a tough woman who is also considered damaged goods, she was deep under cover and got addicted to drug so her superior suck her with him to see if he is going to do something illegal or maybe murder someone or she might get fired.

it is a hollywood machine cop show as I call them with various  elements At first the show is like a documentary asking Charlie’s colleague questions and are they glad that he is back. The other is Charlie chasing attractive women and bedding them as well as investigating the conspiracy that landed him in prison. Charlie has an inner rage inside of him and controls it with Zen after all that is what got him through jail for 12 years. He does not go by the book. every time. The thing you do not know if Charlie is really guilty the way he is acting sometimes and investigate. Here is a great series who got shut off because of low rating. Well at least you will get 2 seasons of this one. It is a fast paced cop show like no other. To top it all off I love when he drives the Bentley and says “I am not attached to this car”. I highly recommend this one.





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